Art Coordinator & Instructor

The Student-Centered Approach

I am an instructor of art and artist, specializing in higher education.  For ten years, I was employed by Reading Area Community College, under the supervision of Assistant Professor, Susan Duby.  Upon her retirement in 2017, I accepted her former position as interim.  During my ten years at RACC, I taught introduction and advanced studio and art history, both on campus and online.  Susan and I have continued to work in collaboration on a large body of drawings and painting that have enabled us to opportunities to exhibit in larger markets, such as San Francisco and New York City. 

My professional  life has been fortunately decorated with diverse and inspired students,  from whom I obtained much energy.  My philosophy of instructions always begins with connection, as I find that students flourish the most in settings where they are seen, heard and encouraged.  I feel as a teaching artist,  I am both student and steward, and believe it is my duty to bring the joy I receive from making art to my students.  Art is  closely linked to almost everything that we say we want of our lives and from our schools: academic achievement, social and emotional development, civic engagement, and equitable opportunity.

Art is an all-encompassing discipline, composed of aspects of mathematics, color theory, science, history and communication.   Art is the icing on the cake of life and celebrates our depth and humanness.  Art causes us to stop and smell the roses and to reconsider how and what we 'see'. 

My job as a teacher has been one of my greatest gifts.